CQB Course – Team

The CQB-Team course focuses on the team's tactical procedures and movement in closed buildings. As part of the training, you will learn the tactical procedures of small teams of swat units, mobile teams, or police patrols, who are likely to be in line of fire during their duty. The specialization of this course is live shooting in a ballistically modified building, shooting after a forced door entry and more. Especially suitable for members of  armed forces and staff of security agencies


  • clean criminal record
  • age 21+

Course Duration: 9: 00-17: 00 (Hour of lunch break)
Required equipment:
  • 9 mm pistol, 2 magazines (may be rented for an extra 13€)
  • 200pcs ammunition  (may be purchased for an extra  44€)
  • Protective gear (ear protectors, knees, shooting glasses)
  • Ballistic and tactical vest
  • Suitable shoes and appropriate clothing

Payment: bank transfer (you receive the payment details after the application by email)

Application deadline: 7 days before the course begins

Price: 159 €







Physical shape

Weapon handling

Weapon rental (13€ extra)

Ammo purchase (44€ extra)


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