Shooting course A2 combined Night

Course A2 KOMBI - NIGHT is the night equivalent of the classical A2 KOMBI course. In this specific course, you will learn how to control the weapon in low lighting conditions and in complete darkness. Try flashlight shooting, flare light, and other lighting options.

Course Content:

  • Aimeed shooting strong and weak hand, both hands
  • Dynamic shooting strong hand, weak hand, both hands
  • Shooting in motion - walking forward and backward
  • Shooting with a change of shooting position
  • Reloading
  • Shooting from non-standard positions
  • Weapon exchange
  • Troubleshooting

Course duration:21-02.00

Price: 119 €

Required equipment:

  • Own weapons (may be rented for an extra charge - approx 26€)
  • 2 + 2 pcs of magazines  
  • 200 + 200pcs ammunition (may be purchased for an extra charge - approx 99€)
  • torch
  • light stick
  • signal vest
  • Protective equipment (ear protectors, knee protector, shooting glasses)
  • Belt, long weapon strap, gun case and magazines
  • Hard shoes and appropriate outfits at an outdoor shooting range

Payment: bank transfer

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Price: 119 €







Physical shape

Weapon handling

Weapon rental (26€ extra)

Ammo purchase (77€ extra)


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